Open interest in bitcoin futures at CME approaches $1 billion

The amount of open positions on bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has come close to $1 billion, analysts from Arcane Research note.

Open Interest (OI) at the CME updated the historic high, surpassing the figures of August.

„The aggregated open interest in the bitcoin futures market also increased during the week and is now on its way to new all-time highs. The total OI on futures for the first cryptovite currently stands at $6.3 billion,“ said experts.

Analyst of The Block Larry Cermack noted that the CME has more than 100 players, each of which accounts for at least 25 BTC open interest.

„Open interest [at the CME] is now 50% higher than at BitMEX“, – stated the expert.

OKEx is the leader in terms of the sum of open positions. It is followed by Binance and CME, which account for approximately 15% of the total OR in the segment.

Earlier today ForkLog reported that the bitcoin price broke through the $17,000 mark for the first time since January 2018.

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