Explore the Possibilities of the Metaverse at Decentraland’s First Architecture Biennale!

• Decentraland just announced its first-ever metaverse architecture and design Biennale
• The event is an architectural festival carried out in the metaverse, open to anyone who wants to visit
• It will include events, public talks, lectures, and performances and host over 50,000 visitors

Decentraland has just announced the first-ever metaverse architecture and design Biennale, an open-cross competition in the 3D space. This event is a unique experience, taking place as a large district, a union of architectural pieces created by major architects. It is open to anyone who wishes to visit, and registered users will have a unique opportunity to participate in NFT contests and receive gifts and other merchandise.

The event will be hosted in the metaverse at DCL coordinates -67:10, and has a 1-month grace period open to the public for exposition. It will include events, public talks, lectures, and performances, aiming to bring together over 50,000 visitors over five days. It will also be available on two major platforms, Decentraland and Arhead.

The program for the event will start with opening and closing sermons, followed by lectures and public talks. Creators from all over the globe will be able to pitch new ideas about the Metaverse and can win grants for realization. Opinion leaders and partners funding the organizations will also attend, allowing effective collaboration among creators.

The biennale is created by Dearch.space and Metancy, aiming to be a unique experience that will allow its visitors to explore the depths of the metaverse, the potential of blockchain technology, and the beauty of virtual architecture. It is an opportunity to explore the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, and discover the potential of a decentralized future.

The event hopes to foster collaboration between artists, architects, developers, and other creatives, and will serve as a bridge connecting the digital and physical worlds. It is an opportunity to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology and expand our understanding of the metaverse.

Decentraland is proud to present the first metaverse architecture and design biennale, and invites everyone from all over the world to come and explore the possibilities of the metaverse.